Vegantopia is a place to provide inspiration to those who work to end animal suffering.  Visions of a vegan future are vital to the core of vegantopia.  We encourage discussion of solutions – inventive, revolutionary, seemingly impossible – all solutions will be given a place to grow here.   There will also be heart food (like “brain food”) to inspire us such as celebrity vegans, big animal rights wins and silly, happy animal stories.

Why do we need a vegantopia?

In order to reach a goal, we need to be able to see it.  How can we stop animal suffering when it can take so much imagination to think of a world where animals have the same basic freedoms as humans?  What is your goal in being vegan, and in helping animals?  Do you want chickens to have more room, even to live outdoors?  Or would you like for them not to have to endure slaughter at all?  Dream big!  Why not?  Do you want to know my goal?  Great question – so do I!  Kidding.  It was a challenging question for me.  The truth is, how could I want for anything less than no animal suffering for human tastes anywhere on the planet!  That is the goal: no animal suffering for human wants, anywhere.  Does that mean everyone has to be vegan?  No.  That’s not my goal, though admittedly it sounds lovely.  The goal is: no animal suffering for human wants, anywhere.  If we reach our goal and people still eat meat, I’m cool with that.  (What?)  Think, my friends.  There are many ways to reach a goal.  The point here is the outcome, not how we get there.  What about cultured meat?  3D printed meat?  It’s all in the why, in the goal/outcome, not in the how.

So how can we attain the goal of no animal suffering for human wants?  Here is what I believe:  If we visualize this goal, and feel how wonderful it would feel, the how to get there will come.  We need to see and feel this beautiful future on a daily basis.  We need to be truly grateful for every step that has already been made towards the goal, and grateful for all the good in our lives.  The more of us doing this, the more powerful it will be.  Let me help you visualize this utopian world.

This is a shared project, started here by Lorelei Wakefield, VMD.  Your thoughts are most welcome!

Much love, Lorelei

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  • Michael Gumnor

    Twenty years ago i had to make a lot of steps from the parking lot at the Rhine to the festival place Lorelei in St. Goarshausen, Germany. I guess it was the Reggae Summerjam. We wished to legalize Marihuana and the other stuff to dream. Now i am a grown up hippie man. I turned to be a vegan at December 2012. I started the http://www.Veganparty.eu project to share my pain and compassion.

  • Prometheus DaVinci

    Hello Lorelei, I’ve also been working on a vegan eutopia with friends on facebook. My page of information gathering is called Forward Thinking Concepts. I live in Austin, Texas, USA. -Prometheus DaVinci


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